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I have been with Phillip and his design company Web Management SEO since 2009. He is an outstanding web developer and his services are top notch. My deciding day on hiring Phillip was on New Years day I sent him an email and sure enough he responded within minutes. I knew then he was the person I wanted to work with. Anyone that works as hard and as good as he does you want on your team.

Thank you for the hard work and success.

Kathy Garber
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My son introduced me to Phillip and I almost brushed off the idea. Thank you Jesse for continue to push Phillip’s services because it was the best online web development decision we had made.

Web Management SEO managed to increase our revenue by 103%. We have several sites with Web Management SEO all doing great. The proof is in the pudding is number 1 on all search engines for our targeted keywords some of them showing up several times on the first page. Web Management SEO also continues to do an excellent job on our label designs.

Thank You,

Teri Whisenhunt
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This job was for detailed instructions for, setup of, and management of integration for affiliate marketing campaigns and affiliate software. During this job, I gained a great deal of knowledge as this technician helped me set up and manage. He showed me what he was doing, how, and why, through the interactive program. Along with skillset already on the table, he applied his knowledge to the specifics of my needs, in other words, went above and beyond my expectations. I would have been at the PC for countless hours, I believe, for what this tech completed in less than half the time. Overall experience, I feel I recieved great service at a fair value, gained good useful knowledge, and ended the session knowing the job was 100% complete, and then some.


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Phillip brings to a project a well rounded toolbox of experience and talent. Add to that his great organizational skills and you have a successful experience!